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Tuesday 19 Nov 2019
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4X4 Eco Family Safari

4X4 Utility Quad Bike Rules

1. All activities at Buffalo Gorge are done at own risk & indemnity form must be signed upon arrival. (Indemnity form is on pg. 3)

2. Please adhere to “life-skills rules” (pg2) and take care to conserve nature.

3. Strictly keep only to Eco 4X4 Safari TRACKS.

4. Keep all gates properly closed.

5. Please drive anti clock wise (“ONE WAY”) only.

6. Maximum speeds limit 20km per hour.

7. All Quad riders must wear “Crash Helmets”.

8. No “doughnut” spinning allowed (will lead to soil erosion).

9. Keep following distance ± 5 Quad lengths.

10. Young riders under 16 must be accompanied by a Adult

11. At least 2 Quads per ride.

12. Riders who are not following the rules will be asked to leave.

At Buffalo Gorge safety and security is high on our agenda and that is why no expenses are spared to keep this a safe and secure environment.


Rock Climbing

1. Helmets are compulsary. No helmets - no climbing.

* Mountaineering (climbing and hiking) is de facto an activity which carries certain risks. Neither the Buffalo Gorge, nor any of its employees accept responsibility for any deaths, injury or illness sustained or suffered by any person during these activities.

* All bolting at Buffalo Gorge is done with professionally certified and rated glue bolts and hangers of high quality.


Eco-Life Skills Rules

1. Leave only footprints & take only photographs.

2. Take off your watch, forget about time, and put your cell phone away.

3. You must be able to identify 5 differnt types of trees.

4. Do not stoke the “Donkey” excessively - it will cause the pipes to burst.

5. Put out the fire at the braai area.

6. Braai only at the main braai area during winter. At private campsite, use only charcoal and blitz.

7. Children should not walk or wander on their own.

8. No sharp objects in the swimming pool.

9. No matresses are allowed outside.

10. Use only firewood supplied by owner (R150) or brought by yourself - do not disturb the eco - system.

11. Do not throw cigarettes around - use supplied container at base camp.

12. Hikers must write the following information on notice board: name, hike (colour), number of people & time - please remove upon return.

13. Save the Dung Beetle - do not drive over Horse manure.

14. The Rufous-cheeked Night Jar sits in the road from early evening - please be alert.

15. Visitors book - please complete.

16. Bamboo bush - please do not stand or write on new shoots.

17. Food scraps - please place in the container provided in the kitchen.

18. Please do not feed the monkeys.

19. Indemnity forms must be completed upon arrival (next page)

20. No music - But arrangements can be made, as long as other visitors are not disturbed.

21. Please do not ride on the plastic chairs, there are Horses to ride on.

22. Hiring of equiptment - see separate list.

23. Main gate at camp area, must be locked at 18h00 & key deposited in container upon departure.

24. When hiking the different routes, please keep all gates closed.

25. Please do not tip the workers.




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